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Ancora su navi.....

Discussione in 'BMW Serie 3 E46' iniziata da Obiwan, 13 Luglio 2004.

  1. Obiwan

    Obiwan Kartista

    6 Febbraio 2004
    Non so se interessa ma ho trovato questo:

    Mk IV Demonstration Mode
    I thought you all may like to know this

    You can make the navigation system drive a route that you've selected from your current location without actually driving the route.

    You can do this with the engine running or not.

    1) Go to GPS Navigation
    2) Select a destination (any method you like - map, address book, etc)
    3) When 'Dest Guidance?' is highlighted, press and hold the MENU button for about 10 seconds, then release. This should take you back to the main menu
    4) Select GPS Navigation again, and then hit 'Dest Guidance?' without changing anything
    5) The little car icon will start moving
    6) Sit back, relax and play with all the options

    At the end of it, just hit end guidance. All functions work in demo mode so it is a good opportunity to learn how to fiddle with the settings on the fly.

    Once ended, the car icon will think that you're at the 'other' location. Just start driving and it will 'reset' to your correct location

    Inoltre volevo un chiarimento:
    io dovrei avere un MK4, dopo aver fatto l'aggiornamento posso utilizzare tranquillamente il DVD con le mappe che mi hanno dato con la macchina?
    Scusate la domanda apparentemente da gagiu (torinese: leggi pirla, ciula, ecc... :lol: )
    Grazie a tutti.....

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